MAGNI M22 Voyager

150 liters storage space

Range 600 km

The M22 is based on the popular M16 model. It is the ideal easy-to-fly and stable gyroplane for those pilots who enjoy long flights in absolute safety.

The Voyager has been developed starting from such needs and the result is a gyroplane unique in its category. Large and comfortable, this model maintains a simple and stylish design and features about 150 liters of available storage space (open compartments, document holderand carriers).

The characteristic baggage strakes on each side are well harmonized with the fuselage design and are accessible through three compartment doors with double locks.

In-flight comfort is provided through a large cockpit that ensures good protection for both the pilot and the passenger, the seat padding and all the accurate details make flying an enjoyable and safe experience.

When compared with the M16, the Voyager has a longer maximum range; the new 80 liters fuel tank can easily ensure up to 4 flying hours, with cruising speed between 120 and 150 km/h.

The M22 Voyager is powered by 115HP turbocharged Rotax 914 and features Magniís latest system innovations as the newest cooling and lubrication systems with heat exchanger and thermal expansion valve.

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M24 Specifications

Empty weight 285 kg
Maximum take-off weight 450/ 500 kg
Maximum speed 180 km/h
Cruising speed 150 km/h
Absolute ceiling 13 000 ft
Service ceiling 11 500 ft
Take-off distance 250 ft
Landing distance 0 à 100 ft
Rate of climb 5 m/s
Tank capacity 82 l
Rotor diameter 8535
Propeller diameter 1700
Width 1800
Length 4400
Height 2760


4 Pt Harnesses
Carbon Cockpit

Vertical Speed Indicator
Two-Tone Paint (Except M24)
Radio (various models)

Standard Colours:
White RAL 9003
Yellow RAL 1016
Yellow RAL 1003
Orange RAL 2004
Red RAL 3020
Red RAL 3003
Grey RAL 7040
Blue RAL 5015
Green RAL 6001

for more colours refer RAL COLOUR SYSTEM