MAGNI M14 Scout

Two seat 1+1

Compact size

Sporting model

The M14 Scout is a gyro offering pilots great fun and exceptional performance. Thanks to its compact size, this two-seat 1+1 gyro is easy to handle but, at the same time, has excellent sensitivity to control and stability.

The M14 Scout is a sporting model affording exceptional performance, suitable to those pilots that usually fly alone but do not want to give up the possibility to share fun with a companion too.

The M14 Scout is available with two different engines:

  1. 1. -100HP aspirated Rotax 912S
  2. 2. -115HP turbocharged Rotax 914, that makes the M14 exuberant and capable of great ascents, take-offs and landings in narrow spaces.

In single-seat flights additional comfort is given through a backrest joined to the seat that can be removed in case of two-seat flight. Thus the passenger sits just behind the pilot, near enough to communicate with each other.

The side “cheek” extensions besides giving the cockpit an aggressive look, shelter the passenger’s feet and legs from the wind.

With its 50 liters fuel tank capacity, the M14 Scout has a maximum range of about 3 hours. Like all Magni’s two-seat gyroplanes, the M14 Scout is equipped with digital Flydat instrument for monitoring all engine parameters and features all the basic flight instruments

Furthermore, for making piloting easier, the M-14 Scout is equipped with electric trim.

The M14 Scout is really agile and enjoyable, it affords a sporty yet reliable flight, without giving up to the comfort which pilots need in case of longer flights.

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M14 Specifications

Empty weight 244/ 248 kg
Maximum take-off weight 450/ 500 kg
Maximum speed 185 km/h
Cruising speed 150 km/h
Absolute ceiling 13 000 ft
Service ceiling 11 500 ft
Take-off distance 250 ft
Landing distance 0 à 100 ft
Rate of climb 5 m/s
Tank capacity 50 l
Rotor diameter 82305
Propeller diameter 1700
Width 1800
Length 3950
Height 2500


AUX Fuel Tank

Vertical Speed Indicator
Two-Tone Paint (Except M24)
Radio (various models)

Standard Colours:
White RAL 9003
Yellow RAL 1016
Yellow RAL 1003
Orange RAL 2004
Red RAL 3020
Red RAL 3003
Grey RAL 7040
Blue RAL 5015
Green RAL 6001

for more colours refer RAL COLOUR SYSTEM