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Things to know...

  • Want to fly a Gyroplane ?

    Our Affiliated Training Schools and Instructors will provide professional training and make your dream come true....

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  • Technical backup

    Technical backup and service is provided by the best technicians in South Africa. We have two SACAA approved AMO's and the most experienced Approved Persons at your disposal. For your convenience these services are strategically situated around South Africa. We also provide "on site" technical assistance in other countries. All service providers contract directly to the customer....

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  • Models and options

    Take a look at our list of Magni Gyro models we have and can supply on request, each model can be customised for your specific needs....

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  • Wish List

    All Magni gyroplanes are supplied with standard panels and equipment. For factory fitted options refer to "Models & Options"

    Magni S.A. offers additional options for the discerning pilot....

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  • News & Notices

    Latest news, Service Bulletins etc...

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